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Sign Language Cell

The Sign Language Cell of the Institute conducts various sign language courses.

  • Basic Course in Sign Language :

    The objective of this course is to provide the individual with the basic skills necessary to communicate with the deaf. 20 hours which can be conducted as:

    • 3 hours/day for 7 days
    • 2 hours/day for 10 days
  • Courses in Interpretation:

    The objective is to train the individual to become a professional interpreter for the deaf. It is a certificate course conducted for 2 months. Classes are conducted every day on one to one basis.

    • Level A (equivalent): Basic Sign Language course (2 months)

    Note: There is no age bar and no educational qualification is required for these courses. Short-term courses are conducted on a one to one basis for the benefit of individual candidates.

  • English Functional Language Course:

    This course is provided for the hearing and the deaf to enhance their communication skills.

  • Group Sign Language Courses:

    The objective of this course is to provide the individuals of a Company or any Group with the basic skills necessary to communicate with the deaf. It is a Course with the number of hours decided by the Company or group. Special Attention being given to vocabulary the group uses.

  • Interpretation services:

    The sign language cell provides interpreters for various programs involving individuals with hearing impairment conducted by government agencies. Services are also provided on request to any organization conducting conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings.

  • Counseling services:

    These services are provided for the hearing impaired for problems in marriage and family.

  • Video Remote Interpreting Services on SKYPE:

    Deaf users to interpreter via webcam: For interviews, doctors, employers, where the interviewer and Deaf person are in the same place while the interpreter is at the institute. The interpreter talks/ listens to hearing person via headset or speaker. The Skype ID is "signlangdr.srcish"

    Coordinator – Sign Language Cell

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Mother's Training Program

  • The objective of this program is to train the mothers of young children with hearing impairment in learning to communicate with their children. The program primarily focuses on enabling mothers to carry out incident oriented lesson to develop cognitive skills including attention, memory and reasoning abilities, language, speech and literacy skills. Mothers are trained to handle children with different degrees of hearing loss.
  • Mothers provide training to their children in their mother tongue. Mothers who successfully complete three years training along with their children are awarded a certificate from the Institute.

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