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Undergraduate Degree Program

Bachelor of Special Education (Hearing Impairment)

The bachelor Degree Course in Special Education provides training for students to become special educators/ teachers of Hearing Impaired Children, at Integrated / Inclusive/ Special School.

This course recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India [RCI] & Bangalore University.

The course will enable pre-service teachers to acquire knowledge, development competencies and practice skills to impart education to Hearing Impaired Children. The general objectives of the course are to prepare special teachers at secondary stage to serve in special schools, integrated/ Inclusive setup and Itinerant programmes.

Admission Eligibility :

  • Candidates must have any degree (Recognized by UGC)

Fees :

Please Contact Institute for complete details about fee structure

Sl. no Staff Name Department Designation Area of Interest


Padma Prabha A. P

Special Education Unit

Associate Professor & HOD

Language Development Teacher
Training & Parent Counseling


Premakumari C. B

Special Education Unit


Early Identification & Intervention,
Counseling, Translation, Organization of Camps


Devaraju N. B

Special Education Unit


Teacher Training


Jayaram C. S

Special Education Unit

System Manager/ Tutor

Net Working Administration


Devaraj. R

Special Education Unit

Senior Electronic Technician

Hearing Aid Repair & Ear Mould